Creating a Wake

Granddad Stories.

These are my stories. How did a lad, brought up in a grimy Lancashire mill town, retire to a condominium in Penang? Perhaps this exercise in remembering will help me understand how that happened too!!

David 01
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Gek's Art.

In 2003, Gek abandoned a secure life as a lecturer at Ngee Ann Politechnic in Singapore and took off for the wilds of Sussex, England, to pursue her interest in art at Emerson College. Following a two year diversion to Mongolia from 2006 to 2008, for which I take full responsibility, Gek now has a studio in Hengoed, South Wales, in which to create her art.

Gek 01
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Eagle Horse
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The Photograph Gallery.

There has been four generations of Whitworth photographers, with the earliest surviving photograph being taken by Wilson Whitworth in the 1906. The Gallery also hosts friends travel photographs, with a new exhibition being posted every six weeks or so.

B & W
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Doll Houses.

I first got hooked on model making as a lad, planes and trains back then. With my two daughters resisting my attempts to interest them in macho modeling, in the name of a non gender biased upbringing, I turned to making dollhouses.

David Whitworth